Swift Vengeance by Jackie D, Jean Copeland, Erin Zak

Swift Vengeance is a paranormal thriller with a healthy dose of romance.

What was the book about?
Months after a motorcycle accident that almost killed her, Brittany starts getting visions, terrifying, bloody visions. As much as she’d like to ignore them, she feels she’s getting them for a reason and follows them to Swift Island in New England. A few days earlier, another woman came to the island in search of… something. Nursing her broken heart on the island sounded like a wonderful idea when Toni’s aunt Leslie suggested it, and it feels even better when Brittany comes into the Second Wave, the pub Leslie and her wife Alice run. If only Toni was ready for a new relationship… And if only a killer wasn’t watching, waiting for the right time to strike.

Featured Tropes
Thriller, Paranormal, Crime, Romance

Book Strengths

As usual for me, the characters come first. I absolutely loved Brittany, her strength, her will, her doubts, her sense of humour. She’s smart and sexy, and it all comes through whenever she’s on the page. I liked Toni a lot too, but I had a harder time figuring her out. Her backstory isn’t as clear, I understand her broken heart, but I’m not sure about her reactions. That didn’t stop me from liking her, however. And I loved Leslie and Alice, both as individuals and as a couple.

And that’s kinda fantastic because the two main characters and the two almost-main characters already existed in previous books, in different universes. Toni and Brittany were secondary characters by, respectively, Erin Zak and Jackie D, whereas Leslie and Alice hail from Jean Copeland’s The Second Wave. To be honest, I didn’t know any of this before I read the book so don’t worry if, like me, you didn’t read these other books, you’ll still have everything you need in this one to enjoy it. But I love the idea, and I love that I can now find out more about all of them, especially Alice and Leslie.

The thriller arc is solid, even though I wasn’t entirely surprised to find out who the baddy was. I loved how Brittany’s visions played out. And I enjoyed the romance tremendously (see Character Chemistry below).

I’d love to know how the authors worked. I sometimes had the feeling I knew who had written the paragraph I was reading, but I could be completely wrong, and I like that too.

This book is like the best part of each author in one thrilling book. I realised that these authors played to their strengths and together created one hell of a story. Jackie D’s chilling and exciting storyline, Jean Copeland’s character development and fun dialogue and Erin Zak’s romance and chemistry skills. I was still dizzy a day later after devouring this to 3 am. 

I recently did a Podcast with these authors (The Weekly Wine Down), and I learned a lot about the background of how this book came to life. On the second reading of the book last night, I realised that after knowing how the authors wrote the book, there were small signs in the sections that they all wrote separately, and I think that made me love it more. I’ll post the link to the Podcast below. 

I loved that the authors brought characters from their previous works. That was really fun and was like a little update, and when someone like me who loves epilogues so much gets more from books that I love, then it’s like a big hug. Kudos ladies!

For me, the romance between Toni and Brittany had me so invested. And I just felt so taken by them both. There was some genuine swoon happening with all the romance and them falling for each other. A few times, I almost forgot a murderer was lurking in the background. Then boom, the scary, twisted chapter would happen, and I’d be back to terrified for these characters. 

Book Weaknesses

I really really really don’t enjoy having to read the bad guy’s thoughts. I know evil exists; I do not want to live it. I would have enjoyed this book a lot more if whatever was going through the villain’s mind had been included in Brittany’s visions. I would have been just as terrified and probably more involved as I wouldn’t have had to keep distancing myself.

I agree with Jude about the creepy factor with being in the bad guy’s head; however, it elevated many factors for me, so I don’t think it ended up being a weakness for me even though… eek! Creepy!

I will say this knowing what I know from the inner thoughts of the serial killer and the reasons they wanted to hurt someone really can chill you to the bone. But then feeling sorry for said murderer because of the gruesome things that happened to them as a child… Well that stays with you for days. It still makes me shiver.

Character Chemistry

The characters are at times taken aback by how fast their feelings grow, but their chemistry is so obvious, so palpable that it simply feels right. That feeling you get when you’re falling in love that the air you breathe is purer, the sounds louder, the colours brighter? It’s all here.

Jude hit the nail on the head with the character chemistry! The only thing I’d add is the sex scenes are hot, and even I was left a little hot under the collar!

Heat Rating

🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥  

Wrap up
This book has a little bit of everything. It was amazing to go between the psychological thriller aspect, the epic romance, and the sexiest of sex scenes. It was a rollercoaster ride. Go grab a copy and enjoy this Scary Rom-Com (Thanks, Stacey)!!!

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