Detour to Love by Amanda Radley

An insurance executive, an artist, and an award named Alan walk into a bar…

What was the book about?
Celia Scott is a successful insurance executive. While still mourning the death of her son, she is forced by her company to go to Japan to accept an industry award. Lily Andersen is also headed to Japan. She is finally going to meet her online crush. Celia and Lily meet in the airport and immediately dislike one another. Through a few humorous twists of fate, Celia and Lily end up being seat mates on the long flight. An emergency stop in Denmark forces them to spend more time together, and the seeds of a friendship (and maybe more) start to grow.  

Featured Tropes
Enemy’s to Lovers, Age Gap, Financial gap/Class disparity, Coming Out, International Setting

Book Strengths
This book is truly a gem. One of the things that I love about Amanda Radley’s books is how she writes real characters and mirrors real life. She sprinkles humor in throughout the entire book, even when writing about serious subjects like grief and loss. Real people do not live in a vacuum. We often seek out humor when we are dealing with pain as a coping mechanism. Writing characters who experience life the way real people do is what makes them multidimensional. I also love the tropes in this book. I will never turn down an age-gap romance. I love the dynamics that exist between women from different generations who are at different stages of life.

Character Chemistry
Amanda Radley always creates fantastic chemistry with her characters. Even when they were arguing with each other it was enjoyable because of the sparks. I loved both of these woman for different and similar reasons, Lily is like the girl next door that everyone adores. She is so sweet and caring. Celia’s heart is so broken from the death of her son she often comes off as icy and aloof, yet she still helps Lily when she needs it. Both these women are just kind and compassionate, even though they were dealing with their own pain and loss.

Heat Rating

Wrap up
Amanda Radley never fails to write an entertaining and immersive story. I cannot imagine anyone reading this book and not falling at least a little in love with the characters. I will be anxiously awaiting the next offering from this talented author.


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