Mosaic by Susan X. Meagher

What was the book about?
When Kelsey Maliar walked into Summer Hayes’ shop, she wasn’t expecting to be met by a gorgeous woman who she clicks with right away. When she realises the feelings are mutual, she knows she needs to see this woman again.

As they begin to date, they realise they might just be perfect for each other, but as time goes on, old hurts come back to put their relationship to the test.

Can they find a way to move past the minor issues to be happy with their perfect partner?

Featured Tropes
Contemporary Romance / Soul Mates

Book Strengths
I love Susan X. Meagher books. In fact, when it comes to my favourite books, most are hers. So when I read the synopsis for Mosaic, I knew it would be a story I had to read. I wasn’t disappointed. Susan writes long novels, but I don’t think they drag on; in fact, she uses the length to really satisfy her readers with enough about her characters that when you close the book, you are ready for/and happy with the ending.

I really enjoyed how Summer and Kelsey began their romance, and I felt like I was along for the ride of their love story. They complemented each other beautifully, and the conflict between them was something I could feel brewing slowly from early on. Still, Susan was able to able to hold the tension beautifully.
The last three chapters of the book had me glued to the page. I couldn’t put the book down. And the Epilogue just tied everything together in a nice bow and gave me the feels.

Book Weaknesses
This is a small thing, but I did feel the story slowed down in the middle a little bit. I kept expecting it to pick back up, and it took around 70%. But when it did, it took back off, and with the authors books being a bit longer, even at 70% stage, I still knew we had a while to go.

Character Chemistry
Kelsey and Summer have great chemistry from the get-go. In fact, it is even evident at the start of the book that their attraction is fierce. Their sex life is disrupted during the book, but it doesn’t change their closeness, and everything snaps right back, in the end, reaffirming their sexual connection.

Heat Rating
🔥 🔥

Wrap Up
I really enjoyed Mosaic and, as usual, cannot wait for wait Susan. X Meagher has coming up next.


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