What Heart’s Ease Must Queens Neglect by Thrace

An entire nation on their shoulders, and they’re in love with the one person they shouldn’t be

The 100, Clarke/Lexa

Is this Fanfic complete
Yes, and has a delightful short follow up oneshot
(See below link)

Canon/AU(Alternate Universe)
Alternate Universe, set in modern times–feel free to delve into this fic even if you’ve never seen a single episode of The 100

What was the Fic about?
“Lexa is going to drag her country into the modern age kicking and screaming if she has to. Enter Clarke Griffin, United Nations election observer.”

Angst rating
(2 on the angst scale)

Thrace is a master with words–I’ve long been a reader of theirs, and if you read this fic and like it, I can not recommend the rest of their fics enough. This one, however, is a favourite of mine as they took Clarke and Lexa, put them in a situation similar enough to what they were in during The 100 that their characters ring so very true, but that the story is fresh and utterly unputdownable.

Lexa, Queen of Markenland, is desperate to bring her country into a constitutional monarchy and leave her ancestors’ bloody history behind her–especially her now deceased father’s role in all of that. All she wants is what’s best for her country and, though she’ll never admit it, to be able to want something for herself after an entire lifetime of sacrifice. Clarke, working for the UN, arrives in Markenland–closed off to the rest of the world for years, a mystery the entire world is following–as an electional observer, there on the queen’s request to ensure this election is free of interference. The nation’s future rests on these two young women’s shoulders. A whiff of scandal, and everything they’ve worked for is lost.

So, of course, they fall in love.

This fic has everything you could want, and then some. There’s dancing during a ball while Lexa is in full military regalia and Clarke in a gown as people gossip and stare around them. There are longing looks in a crowded room when they’re being separated indefinitely, unable to even embrace goodbye, while pretending they didn’t spend the night before in bed. There’s political intrigue as Lexa, as always, focuses on her people and Clarke on hers, and Lexa faces threats from those resisting change. There are, and I can not hype this enough, love letters written over years while they are separated. Oh, the letters. The longing. The LETTERS. It’s delicious.

But there’s so much before that. And after. And during. Kick back with this fic, cover yourself with a blanket and get lost in Markenland and it’s wondrous woods, in the letters the two send each other when the elections are over and Clarke is back in NYC and Lexa must dedicate herself to the transition of power, and the incredible prose of Thrace. Let Lexa and Clarke’s absolute adoration for each other and respect for what each must do in their lives fill you up until your pop with all of their pent up feelings and the completely satisfying wrap up of their story.

Heat Rating
🔥 🔥 🔥 

Wrap Up
I’m off to read it for the fifth time.