Not Guilty by Brit Ryder (Kris Bryant)

This book was so hot I was worried it was going to burst into flames in my hands.

What was the book about?
Following the first book (and maybe prologue) Shameless, this book follows in the POV of Claire Weaver.

Claire Weaver’s only focus is her career and claiming her seat as a judge for Kansas City. The job is everything she has had her eye on, and now it’s hers. Nothing is going to distract her from her ultimate goal. 

A little stress relief sex from a hot as hell woman? Now that is something that she could indulge in from time to time. 

Enter Emerson Pearson, fire investigator and hot as hell. Both women aren’t looking for serious, just casual, exciting and delicious sex. But when they meet in the courtroom and spend more time together, the more the fire of desire and passion burns higher. 

Could love make it all come crumbling down, or is it worth the risk?

Featured Tropes
Erotica, Butch-Femme, Oh! The chemistry, Steamy sex, Pansexual Character

Book Strengths
When I read Shameless in 2017, I knew I needed more from Emery and Claire. Their dynamic was so damn hot that a short story was never going to be enough. I’d advise heavily, that you read Shameless first. I gave it five stars and think it’s the perfect prelude to Not Guilty

Most of you know that Brit Ryder is the pseudonym for Kris Bryant. I love Kris’ books because she has been straddling the erotica line with every book she sells. When Kris’ writes a sex scene, she doesn’t hold back, and her character dynamics play out beautifully in the bedroom. The reader always wants more. Not Guilty? Holy shit! Brit (Kris) killed it. This is erotica, so it’s built-in that there will be a lot of sex, but when it’s written as well as it was in this book… It was outstanding. 

Sex is one thing, but what drives this book is plot and character development. Brit was able to keep my attention from start to finish with the story and the journey it took. I was so invested in Claire and Emery that I couldn’t put it down. 

I loved Emery. She is sexy, deliciously confident with a kind and compassionate warmth that frankly I was not expecting but was delighted by. However, the star of the book for me is the divine, Claire Weaver. If ever a goddess walked the earth, it would be Ms Weaver. There is something unbelievably sexy about a woman who knows what she wants but, more importantly, asks for it. Claire is the prime example of what sex positivity should look like, and damn, it looks good. Her character development warmed my heart, and by the end, I was crushing hard on her.

Claire’s best friend, Jenn, was another to add to my favourite secondary character list. She is a beautiful human who also found love along the way, and no one deserved it more. I loved that Brit added some diversity by making Jenn Pansexual. We need more diverse characters in our books, so this made me very happy.

Yes… there was an Epilogue, and it was so good that I would have given it five stars all on its own if I could have. 

Character Chemistry
Listen, this book is on fire in the sex department. It’s not safe for work and probably any place that’s not your bedroom. I want to run through all the sex scenes with you one by one and tell you why they are exceptional and sexually progressive, but my laptop would surely burn out. 

What was impressive is that Brit was able to show emotional chemistry and intimacy, which I adored. It made the happily ever after much more believable. 

Heat Rating
🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥  

Wrap Up 
I will stop right there because you don’t want me to ruin this excellent book for you. But I will say this. It is not often you find an erotica story that is not only an outstanding sexual journey but has excellent character development and a storyline that make you want to keep reading even when the sex scenes are finished. This book is the whole package. Don’t miss out; grab your copy today!


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