Chemistry Lessons by Jae

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What was the book about?
Regan and Kylie, or Ky, as only Regan is allowed to call her, have been best friends since kindergarten and keep getting mistaken for a couple. Regan, a chemistry teacher, decides to prove to their friends how impossible it would be for them to be together, in the way she knows best: with an experiment… The results of which will surprise no one but the two of them.

Featured Tropes
Best Friends to Lovers

Book Strengths
Jae’s books are nothing if not reliable. And I mean that in the best possible way. Not as in boring but as in you know what you get. And in Jae’s case, what you get is sweet relatable characters living normal (again, not boring) lives, dealing with normal issues, and, most importantly, falling in love.

As usual, the characters feel like friends by the end of the book. Regan and Ky are very different and complement each other in ways that make both sides of the story believable: they’re plausible as best friends and they’re plausible as lovers. Regan is small yet formidable, driven, kind, mischievous. Ky is quieter, less sure of herself and of what she wants out of life, still hurting from a childhood that became dramatic all of a sudden. She looks taller and stronger yet is the most vulnerable of the two.

Another strong point is the humour, even if the constant chemistry jokes are a tad over the top. They fit Regan, however, so it worked.

Character Chemistry
I have to admit, the first words that come to my mind when I think of Jae’s books are sweet, lovely, gentle. I’ll have to add hot for this one. One of the most challenging things about friends-to-lovers romance is to make the change believable. What makes two people who have known and loved each other forever suddenly see the other one in such a different light? What turns unquestionably platonic into lusty? Jae makes it work flawlessly.

Heat Rating
🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥  

Wrap up
Jae delivers once again, with relatable characters and a heartwarming romance.


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