About that kiss by Harper Bliss

Fabulous Hollywood romance

What was the book about?
Harper was already extraordinary, but with this book, she’s off the scales, so much that it’s hard to find the proper adjectives to express how brilliant her writing is at the moment. Fair warning, this book is so captivating that you won’t be able to stop until the last page gets flipped. That’s how good this book is.

Ida Burton and Faye Fleming are two top Hollywood actresses; one used to be the top A-lister, the other is the current top A-lister. When the opportunity to make a lesbian movie that promises changes for the two actresses, both know they have to be part of it, although for different reasons. For Ida, it’s the perfect chance to leave the closet she has been in for way too long; for Faye, it’s the opportunity to work with a legend. Their chemistry is off the charts, but what happens when their characters share that first kiss?

Featured Tropes
Hollywood romance, 40+ characters, coming out later in life

Book Strengths
This book hooks you in from the start. I loved the dynamic, the perfect amount of tension to set the pace and tone, the introduction of the characters is superb. Masterly written can only begin to describe Harper’s precision of expressing emotions can only be I still have chills from all the feelings this book evoked. I felt for Ida so much. I completely understand her struggle. It was so easy to relate to her.

I love the two different POVs. I enjoyed very much following the thoughts of Ida and Faye. Harper’s writing style has the reader personally with the characters, driving the reader’s engagement with the story deeper.

Even when the story falls into a light read (something I am very grateful for, in times like these, low angst is welcome), Harper evokes two important questions making the reader have deep thoughts, why coming out is still an issue and why come out at all? But every action, no matter how small, it’s a step in the right direction.

Heat Rating
🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 

Character Chemistry
I liked Ida and Faye so much. Their chemistry is off the charts. Harper develops the characters and their storyline in a way that is well written and it’s hypnotizing. The chemistry between the characters encourages the reader to keep reading and devour every bit.

Wrap up
I loved pretty much everything about this book, and the way it ended, left me with a huge smile on my face and a happy feeling. It’s a must read.


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