The Headmistress by Milena McKay

This book has everything, romance, lust and mystery all wrapped up in a wonderful story and my god, What a cover!

What was the book about?
An amazingly steamy one-night stand wasn’t supposed to change the future of two women, but fate has a way of weaving its way through. Sam Threadneedle is basically a foundling. She was found at the front of the Three Dragons Academy for Girls and was brought up and cared for by Orla Fenway, the headmistress and by Joanne Dorsea, Sam’s mentor. Sam is now holds the Math Chair at the school. However even though this is a school that educates young women from extremely wealthy families the school is falling into disrepair and the Board and trustees want things to be brought back into profit. After returning from her one-night stand Sam wants change as well, and as she wishes for it she has no idea how much change is coming her way! Magdalene Nox is a force to be reckoned with and she is the one that is tasked by the Board of Trustees to bring back the glory days of Three Dragons. Her arrival brings more than just shock to the entire school but rocks Sam’s world in more ways than one.

Featured Tropes
Age-gap, romance, mystery

Book Strengths
There are so many that I don’t think I have enough paper to put them all down. Ms McKay may be at the beginning of her path as an author with three published novels, but she is formidable. Her descriptions, use of secondary characters, yes, even Willoughby the cat, and dialogue are some of the best I’ve read. You are all going to love Lily, a wonderful, funny, loving trans-girl who kept Sam on her toes. Having experienced boarding school for three years I wish to hell that I had gone to a school like this, not just for the scholastic endeavours but the excitement and history. Ms McKay makes boarding school very interesting to say the least!

The way she has built in not just a romance, but a mystery too is brilliant and as soon as I finished, I wanted to reread it as soon as possible.

Character Chemistry
The air hums with electricity when Sam and Magdalene are together regardless of whether they are alone or in a crowd. Their connection is white hot and at times it’s very hard for either of them to hide their feelings. As I said before Lily is a wonderful character and her love for her friend is so sweet and the way she makes Sam realise that her face tells everything she is feeling is brilliant.

Heat Rating
🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

Wrap up
What an amazing novel. I think this will go down in one of my favourites of the year. This is more than a romance and definitely more than a mystery, it a brilliant piece of work. Anyone who doesn’t read this novel is really missing out. So do yourselves a favour and run, don’t walk, to get your copy.


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