The People We Trust by Donna Jay (Libellule’s Book 2)

What was the book about?
While it is not necessary to read The Secrets We Keep first, I do think you should so you can get a richer story.

Victoria Miller, proprietor of Libellule’s has handed over the managerial responsibilities to Soraya Jansen. Soraya has been there since the very beginning when Victoria set up the “beauty salon” and is the only one to whom Victoria will entrust the business while she and Sadie setup their life together. Soraya has to deal with the ups and downs of the women who work at Libellule and avoid any raids from an undercover cop that is trying to bring it all down. Now if you have read any of Donna Jay’s books you will know that there is a certain amount of BDSM in them, always consensual and as far as I am concerned well written. This book is no exception. Soraya is a Dominatrix for most of her clients and although she is now the manager, she still has her regulars. One of those clients is Police Office Dee Dunn. Both these women are convinced that relationships are not for them. Their past experiences give them a view on life that they need to rely on themselves rather than committing to anyone else. However, life has a way of changing that and neither of them are expecting it.

Book Strengths
This book is gritty and heartwarming at the same time. The characters are well written, and you can’t help cheering for them and wanting the best for them. The secondary characters give depth to the storyline and to be honest I’m wondering what it is going on behind the scenes in their lives too. It is good to see Victoria back too, but her character doesn’t take over and gives impetus to Soraya to forge ahead. For all those of us who love dogs you are going to love Harley, Dee’s beautiful and loyal dog. Ok I have to say this – Donna Jay writes good sex scenes. Yes, she does but they are not gratuitous, and they enhance the story and the characters alike.

Character Chemistry
The connection between Soraya and Dee is palpable, regardless of whether they are Mistress & client or lovers outside of the salon. The friendship and bond between Soraya and Victoria are great to see too. Victoria can see what Soraya doesn’t realise is happening right in front of her. 

Heat Rating
🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 

Wrap up
Above all to me this is a love story and how women can overcome their fears and pasts to create a loving and sexy future for themselves. So do yourselves a favour and grab a copy, settle in and read as I am sure you will enjoy the ride.


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