The Others by Annette Mori

“We couldn’t stay inside any longer. It had been several months, and all of our food and water were gone. It was time to take a chance that not every living thing in the world had expired in the craziness.”

What was the book about?
Em and Lise are living in a bomb shelter for ten months while the United States is under attack by foreign countries. They leave their safe bunker and enter an apocalyptic adventure in a frightening new reality. They’re left to decide if they should attempt to survive with others, or on their own. Em and Lise meet many different types of people, unfortunately only some of them prove to be kind. In a world where militias are formed and peaceful communities are born, the dichotomy of cruel and kind are at the forefront of Em and Lise’s relationship. Will this change them…for better or worse…and what is better or worse in an apocalyptic society?

Without giving anything away
This dystopian adventure will make you smile occasionally. At the same time, you will go through a range of emotions as Em and Lise meet a variety of people. Some are good and others prove to be very unkind, to say the least. I was on the edge of my seat with some scenes; this adventure definitely doesn’t disappoint. It is well-paced, well-written and thought provoking. You need to give this read a chance. It will challenge your mind and your heart.

Book Strengths
Mori manages to take a dark subject matter and turn it into an uplifting story about community. There are many different characters and more than one relationship happening. This allows for variety and opens the story for more readers to connect with at least one character and/or relationship. I also like that there are different types of love depicted in this story, such as new love and mature love. The two MC’s are refreshing, as they are a beautiful example of a successful long-term relationship. All the characters are likeable, well-written and each unique.

Book Weaknesses
I’m addicted to positivity, and this book managed to turn the apocalypse into a story that left me happy. Plus, my brain is still thinking about how realistic this book can sometimes seem. I cannot think of any weaknesses.

Character Chemistry
Usually when I consider character chemistry, the desire that comes with obsessing over someone is what comes to mind. This book isn’t about that type of chemistry. One word comes to mind when I consider the character chemistry in this story: mature. A long-term couple who was bunkered-up before emerging into an apocalyptic reality. Throughout the story they face many challenging situations and still manage to interact as a successful couple. There is definitely something to be said for such enduring chemistry during trying times. As much as I do like some tension in books, Mori saves it for the storyline and spares it from the chemistry.

Heat Rating

Wrap up
When I read the synopsis and cracked this book open, I never expected I was going to be so floored. Mori does such a good job presenting this apocalyptic romance as an uplifting story of love and community. If you are up for a story where the main characters are strong and powerful women, who you would want to have as friends, look no further. The characters are well-written, and the story is well-paced. Mori does a wonderful job of leaving you feel good, despite the story taking place during the apocalypse. If you like romance, adventure, and happy endings I highly recommend this read. If it wasn’t for my work schedule, I would have read it in one sitting it was that compelling to read.


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