Dead Lez Walking by G Benson

What was the book about?
Zombies, lesbians, and nurses…need I say more? Don’t get me wrong, any zombie story I have watched or read, I have thoroughly enjoyed. What makes this story intriguing is that it isn’t the normal plot where a group of people are managing their way in a zombie apocalyptic society. It takes place within the confines of a hospital. This zombie virus takes over individuals within the hospital, and they must go into lockdown in order to contain the threat from entering society. In the midst of everything thrilling, G Benson manages to add a romantic storyline. I couldn’t stop turning the pages.

Without giving anything away
I really enjoy G Benson books. Not only is she brilliant with words and plots, but she is also amazing at writing stories where her characters are diverse. So, when I heard she was writing a zombie storyline, I was overjoyed. Then there is the added aspect of zombies. I don’t consider myself a Sci-Fi fan. But when it comes to zombies, I always make an exception. I love a good thriller and/or horror. Putting together G Benson and zombies…I was happily trapped in a universe which I didn’t want to end. All I have to say…please tell me there is a sequel to come? This story is so captivating that it has the potential for a quality follow-up story.

Book Strengths
It’s G Benson and zombies….and a twist of romance. Those things definitely speak for themselves. However, if that’s not all you require, then please let me tell you if you need a feel-good story with a bit of thrill this is a good second chance romance that ends with a HEA, which always leaves my heart smiling. I can definitely say it will leave you wanting more.

Book Weaknesses
It’s G Benson and zombies. And zombies contained in a hospital under lockdown. I can’t think of a weakness.

Character Chemistry
There is great chemistry between the two MCs, Taren, and Joy. It’s a slower part of the storyline with a past, present and then I was left at the edge of my seat hoping for their future together. Although, romance isn’t the main part of this thrilling storyline, G Benson writes their affection towards each other in a touching and beautiful way.

Heat Rating

Wrap up
This zombie story will have horror and zombie fans alike turning the pages. I had a feeling I knew how this story was going to unfold; I’m so glad to say I was wrong. Multiple POV’s trying to survive lockdown in a hospital where a virus has become the epicentre for turning humans into zombies, and it all takes place in one day. Pages will continue to turn as scenes get gruesome. As expected not everyone will survive. But what other zombie stories don’t have is G Benson controlling the plot. So, although there is gore, there is also a bit of comedic relief…. enough to make me chuckle. Then again, G Benson always manages to make me laugh, even with the most serious of plots. Her way with words is just amazing and the manner in which she chooses to conduct ‘Dead Lez Walking’ just goes to show that we can never predict how any story she writes will go. I hope for a sequel, as it seems to me this book has the potential for one. Perhaps it’s also the fact I didn’t want the story to end. I guarantee, you won’t want to turn that last page either.


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