What books should I pack? by T. B. Markinson

Over my forty-plus years on this planet, I’ve learned a few things about life. More often than not, drama in my personal life isn’t worth it. I love drama in stories I read, but I don’t like actually living through stressful situations, especially considering most of the time they don’t amount to much after the fact. All that negative energy wasted on who doesn’t do the dishes… ever. Kidding, she washed a plate, coffee cup, and a fork last night and is still recovering. And boasting.

My partner and I laugh now when we reminisce about silly fights we had in the early stages of our relationship. It’s wonderful that we can actually admit to our foibles. Some couples can’t get to that point, ever.

After realizing that drama is best left to stories I read or watch, I have a fuller life. This leads to my second point. One of my greatest joys, now that I have the means, is traveling. It’s not just about seeing new places. It’s about sampling different foods, meeting new people, and immersing myself in other cultures.

I associate many things with each adventure. The first is the food. I love food. The second is the people I’ve met, some of whom I stay in touch with.

The third really doesn’t have anything to do with the actual location, but it’s still important to me. I have fond memories of each book I’ve read while on vacation. Although traveling is about chucking myself into the unknown, I can’t completely forego what makes me me. I became an avid reader at a very young age. It’s nearly impossible for me to leave the house without access to a book. Even trips to the post office warrant tugging a book along.

Longer excursions require much planning in the book department. I’ve been known to jot down titles months ahead of time. Yeah, I’m that much of a book nerd. And you know what? I’m proud of it.

Are you going on a vacation soon? Planning time at the beach or pool? If you answered yes to either question, or if you’re like me and like to stockpile books just in case, I’ve got great news for you. Seven authors and I are discounting some of our best-selling lesbian romance novels. Not to be a name dropper, but I kinda have to be in this situation, I’ve enlisted: Harper Bliss, Suzie Carr, J.A. Armstrong, Miranda MacLeod, Jea Hawkins, Em Stevens, and Noelle Winters.

These authors and I have dropped the prices of more than twenty e-books. Now that I have your attention, click this link to see all the goodies on offer. Seriously, you don’t want to miss this chance. The sale starts on May 20th and ends May 26th.

T. B. Markinson is an American writer, living in England. When she isn’t writing, she’s traveling the world, watching sports on the telly, visiting pubs, or reading. Not necessarily in that order.

T. B. has had nine bestsellers on Amazon Kindle. She loves to write about quirky characters trying to find their way in life. To see a full listing of her novels, please visit her author page.