Karin Kallmaker

Author Bio

Karin Kallmaker‘s novels span lesbian romance, lesbian erotica and lesbian science-fiction/fantasy. More than five dozen short stories have appeared in anthologies and standalone collections. Her writing career began with the venerable Naiad Press, continues with Bella Books and includes more than two dozen novels in print. In 2008, she joined Bella Books as the press’s first Editorial Director. When she isn’t writing books she is thinking about books. In previous lives, Karin worked as a non-profit accountant for a senior housing association and a low-income housing lender, and had a brief stint as a document processor on an oil refinery. She is the mother of two teenagers and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her partner. She is descended from Lady Godiva, a fact which she will tell anyone who will listen,and she likes her chocolate real and her iPod loud. Lambda Literary Awards Winner, three Lambda Literary Awards for The Kiss that Counted andMaybe Next Time in Lesbian Romance and In Deep Waters 2 in Lesbian Erotica, with multiple additional shortlist nods for Lesbian Romance, Lesbian Erotica and LGBT Science-Fiction Fantasy works. GCLS Goldie Awards Winner of the Ann Bannon Popular Choice Award for The Kiss that Counted, the 2011 Trailblazer Award, with another six awards won for Frosting on the Cake 2: Second Helpings, Above Temptation, Just Like That and Sugar in Lesbian Romance and 18th & Castro and In Deep Waters 1 for Lesbian Erotica, along with numerous finalists. Captain of Industry, Finalist, Ann Bannon Popular Choice. Bookmarks Richards LaBonte – Kallmaker transcends cliche with vivid characterization, logical plotting, and plenty of deep research… Friends and Family Her characters are so real you can’t help but picture them in your mind… Lambda Book Report Carol LeMasters – The best romances don’t simply evade issues; they offer us another way of dealing with them. After all, the issues with which these women struggle–homophobia, mortality, barriers of age and class–are ones we all encounter. More than enjoyable diversions, they can offer humorous insights into how we conduct relationships and truths we can take with us into “real life.” Situations may be cliché but not the authors’ treatment of them, and no matter how far-fetched the circumstances, the characters’ emotional experiences ring true.   karinkallmaker01.jpg