Meet The Team

Rachael Byrne
Founder/ Chief Reviewer

Rach started Les Rêveur in 2015. She lives on the Surf Coast (Australia) with her wife and son. When she's not reading and reviewing WLW fiction, she's building Lego with her son, Rory or making up stories with him of faraway lands. Rach spends her days working for a startup and daydreaming about writing her own stories. She's a fierce advocate of LGBTQIA+ rights and wear her feminist heart on her sleeve. She's always up for a chat, and you'll find her on her Facebook group, Lesbian Fiction by Les Rêveur, Discussing her most recent 5-star book find!

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Amy Bright
Content Editor/ Reviewer

Amy Bright is a native of North Carolina. She works in the library of a large research university. Amy and her wife have been married for nine years and contend they are still on their honeymoon. In their free time, they enjoy travelling and spending time with their four small dogs. You can often find her blogging on her website: Conversations with my Wife

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Sarah Boase (known as Boasie)
Reviewer / Editor

Sarah lives in Sydney, Australia with her wife and two dogs. Never seen without a book, she is a voracious reader of WLW ficton and everything in between. She would love to be a writer but doesn’t want to miss out on reading the many novels written by amazing authors. She is very honoured to be part of a wonderful team at Les Reveur.

Jude Silberfeld

As far as I can remember, reading has been my way of building my strength back whenever real life gets too much. As a teenager, I read everything I could get my hands on (my mother's bookshelves were full of treasures), now I read mostly lesfic. I began reviewing a couple of years ago as a way to remember which books I'd loved, first on Goodreads, then on my blog (link below) and now at Les Rêveur too. In former versions of my life, I have been a law student, a translator, a journalist. I'm also a parent, a cat lover, a Star Wars fan.

G Benson
Fanfic Reviewer

G Benson is a writer originating from Australia, who spent her childhood wrapped up in books and fictional worlds she created for her own entertainment. As she got a little older, she started to write about the things she wanted to see in the media--which turned out to be queer representation.

Fanfic, however, remains a favourite way of reading, and she loves nothing more than a fic that fixes where the show failed, or that catches that connection between two characters and explores it. The fandom community, the fun of discussing shows and characters, and the stories that come out of it stay a huge part of her life.

Benson has published five books: her debut All The Little Moments, romance Flinging It, YA Pieces, Who’d Have Thought, and her latest The Thing About Tilly.

Carol Hutchinson

Carol is based in the UK. When she isn’t reading (which is a lot of the time!!!) she works full time, is studying for a degree, volunteers in the local community, and when she has time likes to dabble in a little writing. 

She started her review blog LESBIreviewed in 2018 and shortly after teamed up with the amazing Rachael at Les Reveur in efforts to work towards building an amazing place for diverse reviews for all readers and grow the community. 

LESBIreviewed concentrates on delivering honest reviews for lesbian fiction, both written, and more uniquely in video format via a YouTube channel.

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Sue Rossman
Audio Reviewer

Sue lives in Sunny California with her wife of 30 years, two girls and 3 fur babies. She is a Data Analyst and lives for spreadsheets. She got into lesfic just four years ago when a friend called out of the blue after 30 years apart and said “hey guess what? I wrote a book” That opened up a whole new world to her. She reads everything she can get her hands on. She has always reviewed her books and encourages everyone to write a review. She always says “it’s like giving our writers a warm hug in appreciated for their hard work.”

Mari Stark

Mari is a nerdy chemist, now a high technology projects advisor in her Alma Mater.
Loves to read and travel. When she’s not reviewing she likes to write from time to time just for fun, short steamy stories and sometimes music. For her, lesfic has been a great way to meet avid readers and wonderful authors to share thoughts, recommend books and geek a bit too.